My Fellas (NANANG)

Friends is someone who doesnt has any biologically connection with us.. But the relationship is beyond that.

Ya...sometimes friends is somewhere out there. Come from so far away. And directly beside us to make a story about how life should be, together.

They are a stranger and in sudden be the close person that we ever have.

I wanna tell you about my room mate as long as school im Mangkoso.
The person who was very stranger for me that day, but the person who make the gap between us was clearly disappeared.
Her name is Siti Aisyah Al Syam. And her nick name is so unique, we dont call her Siti or Aisyah..but she said that her nick name is Nanang. Hehehe...its so different pronouns right??

Like her name..Nanang seems like she has two different character inside her self. Sometime she wanna look very feminine but I dunno that somehow she looks so boyish!! Hahahaa!

I remember that day when she was brushing her hair in front of mirror and said to us when we are sitting around that she was so beautiful with the hair that grows so long. We were agree. Because Nanang has a beautiful face with a tall body. She looks like An Arabian Girl. And the hair was helping her to look more beautiful. But suddenly she turned around, change the hair style and stand before us again while said " im looking like Ari Lasso right!!! heheheeheee". Of course we are laughing out loud to see her. How could she just change the hair in the middle cut and she was actually be the twin of Ari Lasso!!!

Yeah..that is Nanang. A friend who I always spare time with. In every boring day in boarding school. I was just always seek inside her bed and sleep together. Sharing each other about our teenage problem. Make a joke and laughing all out loud. I remember that she ever said that when she out from that school, she will found out a lot of boys to be her boy friend to prove to anyone that she worth it enough than what she already has. HAhahaa...and she is really prove it to me, Salute....:)

Here are some of her picture, in case uve ever met her or...maybe know her so well.
My beautiful arabian friend...:)


She is beautiful...:) No doubt!!!!!

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