Backyard In Frame

Im a newbie in photography. So new than anyone.I always wondering my self, bringing my camera that I named Kimun everywhere to just capture every angle side that I like. But, a little busyness here always taking all of reasons that make me couldnt go anywhere or just accept invitation from the " pro" photographer to hunting picture.

So when my desire came up. The only way to carry out it is I walk to my backyard and taking anything I thought nice or unique in my Kimun. hehehe...

So these are the picture that I thought nice. Take a look and give your opinion on them. So that it can be a learning for me. :)

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ada pohon anggur di blakang pekarangan rmh mu kah ya'? mauuuuuu *Q*


et daaahhh cirmai itu woooyy


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