Just Passing Around...

well here i am without any exact plan, in the second floor of KOMPAS (the place where the climber lover of SOSPOL UH is exist). Sitting and dunno how im typing this post. I used to come to asking bout job vacancy. But i was too late to come and i already bankrupt cause just knew that that job fair was has to get a ticket to enter it for Rp 20.000 (ddaaaa...).
 Then im here, waiting for Avri (friend of mine) without any reason that clear. Haha... (what the #$#%^^). Calling and calling...still no answer at all (at all guys..at all). Thank God we have Bandy here, we have kak Ali here, and the last but not least Fonna (long live KOMPAAAASSSS). I dont feel no lonely no more, at least ive friend to talk and again...laughing each other. Laughing our weakness and badness (yeah..cos we have nothing to be proud hahahahaaaaa).

The themeline is Fonna (again??). kak Ali was so curious bout the hot couple that just be in special relationship (eeaaaa...) Mr. A and Miss. A hahahaaaa....
well before with Miss. A that Mr. A firstly close with Fonna. Kak Ali and all peeps here (in KOMPAS) are being influenced by the themeline so we are suddenly gosisiping bout that couple. Laughing at Fonna cause she is so shy by the words that we say. Why that Mr. A suddenly make a conclusion to choose that Miss. A as the "it" girl for the last. In fact, the past time Mr. A was so close with Fonna and we always got fun on them.

But ockay..let says...THAT UNPREDICTABLE AND FINALLY GOT TOGETHER COUPLE is happen. Kak Ali still curious about what is the first word that Mr. A said to Miss. A when he propose bout his feeling (cos the guy known as Mr. Never speak and dont have any expression) hahahaa..

Well...well..well...just write here without knowing anythingn no need any judgement to get mark on it. Just passing around my free movement. So Long...:)

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