Unrealize Happiness

Assalamu Alaikuummm...long time no see,ive been waking up. And trying to just be positive up to my whole life. Ive been busying many people around me, make the stranger became my friend and dont realize that i share my gloomy to them...but thanks for so nice to me Kakak..:)

And this nite im sleeping over in my sisters room that they rent for they stay here because it near the campus where they get college, I am alone here with the lappy because they are (my sisters) are going out for some bussines. Looking up, checking up, and smiling alone to see the pictures here in the lappy, yeah...photograph always can captured something more real than the reality it self (i think).

They can spread up our memories into the day that taken, something we didnt realize in that time..but when we rewind with the pictures...suddenly we just directly feeling sad...funny...and happy to see them. Ah...even me cant describe what i really feel...

So im trying to upload what picture that I enjoy this nite..hope you can feel the same way I do...:)
These are my cousin..:)

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Kusuka' ekspresina foto ketiga...


kalo saya foto ke empat...


kalo saya kusuka semua komen hehehehe


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