Tana Tengae in sudden...

Yesterday..in the saturday for exactly.. not in a plan actually..i was just waiting in my house after the day before we were having idul Adha...

Normally on that kinda day my friends from my teaching course will ask me to go out and go around our house one by one and eat some meals or cakes and also cookies. But on that day i didnt get any sure news bout going around. So i was just in my house and "again" got online with the borrowed modem (thanks to Alam,hhee..). on my waiting time, suddenly my old close friend Yayuk ask me to come out together with another guys of our masjid to went to the place that called " Tana Tengae". First, i was doubt cause i was afraid of the road that would been through there..Tana Tengae is in Camba, which is a mountain and the road will be soooooooo....dangerous!!! Yeahh!!! I was rejecting..but Yayuk was begging me so mauch cause she missed time to gathering together which we never did it again because of our bussy_ness (what??) each other. Then i said...OK!!

There we were not only got wet on the pool (yeah...Tana Tengae is a swimming pool over the mountain), but also got hunt a photo shoot *yaaayyyyy ><

Because the place is over the mountain so it is no doubt that the scenery is awesome!!!!

here are some of the pictures had been taken..

Taken by Canon 1000d

The road is so small and only a motorcycle that can pass this way...fiuuhhh...

I was so afraid that we were going to fall cause the road was so tiny..

Not only from the hill, way up is also giving us another screaming passion, the trees was like an umbrella that cover us from the sun light, yeah.. it hard to get the finish (huaaahh..suddenly realize the reason why the best dream is so hard to reach, because the wonderfull view we can get is up up there...)

turn left..turn right..everything you got was only wood...hahha!! like an isolation place.

it was almost dark when we got there..up up there..beyond infinity..hahaha

then we just sat around and feel the cozy wind that flew..hehe..yeahh...the effort has payed perfectly...the dangerous road and the long way were worth it to pass.

the mountain looked like a rainbow cake..(wasnt it???) they were layering because the light of the sunset..not only in the beach here over the mountain we can see this kinda scenery..(*kawaaiiii >< Subhanallaaah...) what God creates is always amazing. I almost teared my tears hehe..

Because we would get dark, soon as possible we take a pose...hahahahaa!!

and another pose...

and here we were..way home..

Well maybe the picts are not good enough..yeah..I'm a newbie boud photography..so curious boud it, wanna get into it, and take a courage just to take a picture in a frame with ignore bout what the expert said (haha..but still i need a tutor), hehe.. but i remember a quote bout this one..

hehe...maybe you'll see my better shoot next time..wish us luck guyss...

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awesome :)

waiting 4 your better shoot next time! ^_^


thank you so deepp ><


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